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Apprentice act, 1961

Object of the Act:

Promotion of New manpower at skills. Improvement/refinement of old skills through theoretical and practical training in numberof trades and occupation.

Applicability of the Act:

According to Sec.1 Areas and industries as notified by the Central Government.

Qualification for being trained as an Apprentice:

Sec 3. A Person cannot be an apprentice in any designated trade unless

  • He is not more than 14 years of age;
  • He satisfies such standard of education and physical fitness as may be prescribed.

Period of Apprenticeship:

Training to be determined by the National Council.

Contract of Apprenticeship: 

According to Sec.4 To contain such terms and conditions as may be agreed to by the apprentice, or his guardian (in case he is a minor) and employers.


Obligations of Apprentice


  • To learn his trade conscientiously, diligently.
  • To attend practical and instructional classes regularly.
  • To carry out all lawful orders.
  • To carry out his contractual obligations.

  • Health Safety & Welfare measures for Apprentices


    As per Factories Act or Mines Act as the case may be when undergoing training.

    Hours of Work


  • 42 to 48 in a week while on theoretical training.

  • 42 in a week while on basic training.


  • 42 to 45 in a week in second year of training.

  • As per other workers (in the third year).

  • Not allowed to work between 10 PM to 04 AM unless approved by Apprenticeship Advisor.

    Leave and Holidays
    • Casual Leave for the maximum period of 12 days in a year.
    • Medical Leave for the maximum period of 15 days and the accumulated leave up to 40 days in a year.
    • Extraordinary leave upto a maximum period of 10 days in a year.


    Payment of Apprentices


    The employer to pay such stipend at a rate of not less than prescribed minimum rate as may be specified.


    Employer's liability to pay compensation for injury


    As per provisions of Workmen's Compensation Act.

    Offences & Punishment


    Imprisonment of a term upto 6 months or with fine when employer

    1. Engages as an apprentice a person who is not qualified for being so engaged or
    2. fails to carry out the terms and conditions of a contract of apprenticeship, or
    3. contravenes the provisions of the Act relating to the number of apprentices which he is required to engage under those provisions.

    Sec.30 & 31


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