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To start with, Indian History have to be started with the name of the country, as it is referred to "Bharat" is a Sanskrit name and the name "India" was derived from an ancient river called the "Indus", later the name as converted into "Hindustan" after the invasion of the Persians. Facts about India are ever interesting and enticing with its ethnic culture, age old tradition, interesting people and its way of embracing the modern and thriving with all vigor. The land of colors with its wide and varied topography and favorable climatic condition has always made India a country a "Paradise on Earth".


While talking about Facts of India, it will be good to start with the geographical expanse of the country. India is a country which is towered by the Himalayan Mountain chains in the North and the three oceans, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal cleans the feet of the Mother India as it is referred to in the South. The seven sisters with its hilly and rugged topography in the east and the extensive Rann of Kuch with stretch of sand on the west of the country makes it a country worth visiting.


To talk about the culture, all the states of India distinctively have their own culture and tradition with the basic of harmony and peace being omnipresent in each culture that is observed here in this country. The rural country side of India is noted for its natural beauty with lands of paddy and wheat swaying to the direction of the air.


To trace the path of the rich history that India still boasts of, Indian facts says that India is the land where the number system, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, decimal system, place value system was introduced. The digit "0"was invented by Aryabhatta. India faced several invasion but never in the entire history have India ever invaded any country. The first university ever in the world was established in India with the name Takshila University.


Now to talk on some practical aspect of the country, India is agriculture based country and follows an agrarian economy and political pattern. India is the sixth largest country in the world and follows the largest democracy. The Mughal and the British ruled over this country for almost four hundred years. Later after independence the country emerged independent and follows a constitution of its own. India as a country in the modern day world has proved itself in every field with its knack to embrace the new without overlooking the tradition.

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