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Indian National Army - Introduction

The Indian National Army was formed by the Indian Nationalists to fight for the independence of India from the British. The Indian National Army or I.N.A, popularly known as the Azad Hind Fauj was an armed force established in 1942. The Indian National Army was formed during the World War II in South East Asia.

Aim of the Indian National Army

The aim of the Indian National Army was to overthrow the British Government with the assistance of Japan.


Formation of Indian National Army

Initially the Indian National Army composed of the Indian prisoners of war. These prisoners were captured by Japan at Singapore and during her Malayan campaign. Later the army drew a large number of volunteers from the Indians living in Burma and Malayasia.

First INA 

Just after Singapore's fall, the first Indian National Army was formed in 1942 under the leadership of Mohan Singh. However, in December of the same year the army collapsed.

Second INA
In 1943, the Indian National Army was revived under the leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The army was called Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind (which meant "The Provisional Government of Free India"). This second INA in collaboration with the Imperial Japanese Army fought against the British and the commonwealth forces in the following campaigns:

  • Burma
  • Imphal
  • Kohima

Later the Indian National Army also fought against Burma Campaign of the allies which was successful.


Indian National Army after War


After the war ended, a huge number of INA troops were repatriated to their homeland i.e. India. Many of these men had to face treason trials and this marked a galvanizing point in the Indian Independence movement. After the independence of India, a majority of the ex-INA members were not allowed to work in the Indian Army.



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