MS Excel Introduction

Microsoft Excel was based on another program, the first spreadsheet, known as Visicalc. It was invented by two men called Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin in 1978 and launched in 1979. There were a number of other spreadsheet programs around before Excel too, including one called Multiplan that Microsoft had created. Multiplan was launched in 1982 and Excel in 1985.

What are spreadsheets?

A spreadsheet is an application with that simulates and accounting sheet with the ability to re calculate/refresh formulae, functions & in built tools that represent data.

  •  In built functions (e.g. Vlookup, Sumif, Now etc.)
  •  In built data processing tools (e.g. Text to columns, Filters, Sorting, Find & Replace etc.)
  •  Data Presentation tools (e.g. Pivot Reports, Graphs & Charts)
  •  Automation through coding (e.g. Macros & Scripting using office library & Win API)
  •  Interaction with other applications (e.g. Using excel db for mail merge with Ms-Word)
  •  Portability (e.g. Data formats like XML, Print features)
  •  Additional features & tools (e.g. Org. Charts, Shapes, Symbols, Hyperlinks, Web Queries)
  •  Most importantly the processing speed (e.g. Excel 2010’s Multi core & Multi threading ability)

  • MS-Excel the only Spreadsheet application in the World?

    There a bunch of those spreadsheets available in the market today but of those the most successful one is the Microsoft Excel. The below are other spreadsheet applications that run on Windows.

  •  IBM Lotus Symphony
  •  Gnumeric
  •  Resolver One etc.
  •  OpenOffice Calc
  •  And lots on...