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Training & Development

What is Training and Development?


"Training is a short term learning process, which is 'application specific' intended for improving skill or knowledge which has immediate application to the benefit of the individual as well as the organization"


"Development is the process of transistion of an employee from lower level of ability, skill and knowledge to that of higher level. This transistion is influenced by education, training, work experience and environment. This will improve value of individual employee in terms of his self-development, carrer growth and contribution to the organization."


Process of Training & Development


  • Training Needs Identification

  • Skill-Gap Analysis

  • Competency Map (Employee Ratings, Observed / Desired / Gaps)

  • Training & Development Plans (Technical / Soft Skills / Knowledge)

  • Competency Development Program

  • Skill Development Program

  • Performance Improvement Program

  • Training Calendar

  • Prioritized List of Training Programs

  • Individual Analysis

  • Faculty Feedback & Analysis

  • Employee / Supervisor Feedback

  • Developing Knowledge Sharing Practices

  • Training Effectiveness Parameters

  • Key Improvement Indicators Defined (Performance, Skills, Competence)

  • Time Frame for Improvement Review Mechanism


    Types of Training

    On Site Training 

    • On the Job Training
    • Apprentice Training
    • Coaching/Mentoring
    • Job Rotation

    • Off- Site Training 


    • Lectures/Seminars
    • Multimedia Presentations
    • Programmed / Computer Assisted instruction
    • Simulation
    • Role Playing
    • Behavior Modeling




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