Employee State Insurance (ESI Act 1948)

esi act 1948

Introduction to ESI Act 1948

The object of the Act is to secure sickness, maternity, disablement and medical benefits to employees of factories and establishments and dependents benefits to the dependents of such employees.

Applicability of the ESI Act 1948

  • To all Factories & establishments employing 20 or more employees.
  • Every employee drawing wages (Gross Salary) upto Rs.21,000/- Per month.
Wages for ESI Contributions for ESI Act 1948
Registers/files to be maintained by the employer
To be deemed as Wages Basic Pay Dearness allowance, House rent allowance City compensatory allowance,Overtime wages (but not to be taken into account for determining the coverage of an employee)Payment for day of rest Production incentive / Bonus other than statutory bonus/ Night Shift allowanceHeat, Gas & Dust allowancePayment for unsubstitued holidaysMeal /Food allowanceSuspension allowanceLay off CompensationChildren education allowance (not being reimbursement for actual tuition fee)Not to be deemed as Wages Contribution paid by the employer to any pension/ provident fund or under ESI Act.Sum paid to defray special expenses entailed by the nature of employement- Daily Allowance paid for the period spent on tour.Gratuity payable on dischargePay in lieu of notice of retrenchment compensationBenefits paid under the ESI SchemeEncashment of LeavePayment of Inam which does not form part of the terms of Employment Washing allowance for livery Conveyance Amount towards reimbursement for duty related journey

Rates of Contribution 

SchemeEmployee’s ContributionEmployer ContributionTotal Contribution
Employee State Insurance (ESI)0.75%3.25%4%

Contribution Period 

  • 1st April to 30th September.
  • 1st October to 31st March.

Forms for Employer

Form 01Employer’s Registration Form
Form- 01AAnnual information of factory/establishment submission form
Form 3Return of Declaration forms
Form 5Return of contributions
Form 5aStatement of advance payment of contributions
Form 6Register of employees
Form 10Abstention verification
Form 11Accident Register

Forms for Employees

Form 1Declaration Form
Form 2Addition / Deletion in Family declaration form
Form 9Claim form  for sickness /TDB/ Maternity
Form 14Claim form for Permanent disablement benefit (PDB)
Form 15Claim form for Dependant Benefit (DB)
Form 16Claim form for periodical payments of DB
Form 19Claim for Maternity benefit
Form 20Claim form for  Maternity benefit after death of child
Form 22Claim form for Funeral Expenses
Form 23Life certificate
Form 24Dependant benefits declaration