HR Administration

hr administration

HR Administration:

HR Administration is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities

Part I: Legal Compliance

  1. He is responsible for obtaining food license or any other license that is required for raising any outlet. Subsequently, he is also responsible for renewal of the license of all the licenses that are acquired.
  2. He is responsible for liasing with all the government authorities (like BMP, BWSSB, BESCOM etc) for smooth functioning of the outlets. 3. He is responsible for acquisition of Duty Free Entitlement (DFE) license from Joint Directorate of Foreign Trade (JDFT). On acquisition, he is to hand it over to Finance Department for further actions.

Part II: Property Management.

3. He is responsible for the upkeep of the properties.. Upkeep of the properties means:
a) Dealing with the administrators or admin authorities of the building.
b) Ensure that premises of our outlets are kept neat, clean and in hygienic condition. Gardens, wherever are these, are maintained properly.
c) He is responsible for making and later renewal of Office Umbrella Policy.
d) He is to maintain staff lockers. Maintenance of the lockers means maintain inventory of the lockers. 

Part III: Accommodation Management

  1. He is responsible for the search of the accommodation for the staffs. Once the search is made, he is also responsible for the execution of the necessary agreement with the landlord or the house-owner.
  2. If required, he is to furnish the accommodation that company decides to provide to the staff(s). On such occasions, he is also responsible for obtaining necessary agreement from the staff(s) for the upkeep of the furniture thus provided.
  3. He is to ensure that periodically the staff accommodation is visited and overall the staff(s) resides there are comfortable.

Part IV: Payments

  1. HR Administration is responsible for the timely payment of:
    a) Rent of the outlets/accommodation hires or owns.
    b) Electricity bill of the outlets/accommodation that company hires or owns.
    c) Water charges of the outlets/accommodation that company hires or owns.
    d) Property Tax of the properties owned/hired by the company

Part V: Other duties

  1. He is responsible for the vehicles that the company owns. Occasionally he is to check the usage of vehicles, their mileage etc. He is to suggest ways to economise the use of the vehicles.
  2. He is to initiate action for claiming insurance in case of the vehicle accidents, fire etc.
  3. He is responsible for making necessary arrangement for the celebration of the important events. Important events include Annual Day celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, Ganesh Puja celebrations, Dussehera Celebrations and any other events that Company decides to celebrate.
  4. He is to make necessary arrangement for the periodic whitewash of the buildings/properties that are owned/hired by the Company.
  5. He is responsible for the dissemination of information to the staffs in connection with disruption of electric supply, water supply or traffic blockades due to the VVIP visits (if it affects our outlets).
  6. He is responsible for periodic cleaning of the underground sumps and overhead water tanks.
  7. As an advisory function, he is to apprise management on the changes that take place in connection with government rules and regulations related to our business.
  8. He is to ensure that his assistant is capable of making travel arrangement(s) of the top officials of the Company.
  9. He is to analyse the details of the expenditure and project budgetary allocations for his department.
  10. He is responsible to check whether our signboards, neon name boards and other display boards are in serviceable condition at all times.


The duties mentioned above only hr administration representative. Since the scope of the work of CGM (Admin) is much larger, he may be given additional duties as and when requirement arises. For the smooth functioning of his office, he is to prepare calendar of his activities and submit it to the CEO.